We all know Jordin Sparks as a successful singer and actor who has come a long way.

With a career spanning a decade, Jordin slipped into our hearts the very moment she won American Idol. The 28 years old gave hits like I Am Woman, Next to you and No Air.

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Jordin Sparks weight loss

However, her songs are not the only cause she managed to grab attention from, Jordin Sparks weight loss was one trending topic when the singer announced to turn 50 lbs lighter.

That’s right! Her transformation from fat to fit fetched her great praises and she became a source of inspiration for others, overnight.


Age: 28 years.
Height: 1.78m (5.8inches)
Weight loss: 50lbs.
Current weight: 64kgs.


Jordin spartks motivationJordin Sparks weight was over 85kgs before she embarked on her weight loss voyage.

Considering her height and age, it is very much obvious that she had an unhealthy weight. steroids for women is also helpful in cutting and getting lean.

However, the ‘one step at a time’ singer decided to take things under control and undergo a transformation that became a need for herself.

Her priority was to live healthy, thereby; she chose the natural way to get rid of her extra poundage.

Of course, going the conventional route troubled and challenged her in every way, but determined Jordin bid farewell to all her unhealthy weight in a period of 18 months!


Before getting started, Jordin thoroughly examined her lifestyle to determine the need for change. Of course, diet was the first consideration she took into account.

Her intention was to purge off anything that was adding to her weight or could have hamper her progress, thereby, she excluded sugary drinks, unhealthy snacks and high-calorie, junk from Jordin Sparks diet.

In addition to making wise food choices, she overcame a habit that was bad enough to bulk her up. Jordin, who would never mind munching late night, decided not to feed herself this late.

Jordin sparks before and after

The 5.8 inches singer also ensured to take her last meal hours before going to sleep.  

In an interview, Jordin revealed that her modus operandi was not to be strict about her diet or be particular about calories. She simply wanted to tune her eating habits and be regular with her workouts, and that’s it!

As per her, she stops eating the moment her body signals to be full.

It is interesting to note that the famous singing icon is full of body positivity and does not mind having flesh on her bones. Her only motive behind weight loss was to live, and feel healthy. there are several diet pills for 2018 that works for many celebrities and singers.

Well, if we closely look to her diet, we will get to know that the singer did not deprive herself from food or anything she likes to eat. Her method was to follow portion control or say, having meals in calculated proportion.

By this, she was able to shake off her excess weight, while, allowing herself the foods she wants to feed on.

In an attempt to balance her calories with respect to her body needs and from fitness perspective, she allowed herself a total of 1500 calories a day.

On top of that, she picked healthy items for her meals to be equally nutritious, while favorable for weight cutting.

To say less, her diet was full of probiotics, protein, healthy fats iron and fiber. The girl would often reward herself with Toblerone chocolate, for being too disciplined with her diet. Taking Winstrol with diet and workout may be best to get in shape.

Jordin sparks workoutsEven though her diet turned advantageous for her, it has an ample amount of carb which isn’t really cool for everyone who ought to lose weight.

But of course, our body dynamics is different and something that does not work for others but worked for her sounds justifiable to me, at least!

Then there is Jordin Sparks workout she followed and credits for successful weight loss. The better-half of Dana Isaiah revealed that training herself was way more challenging than adjusting herself to healthy eating.

But all thanks to her trainer, who incorporated a wide range of moves into her regime for her to stay motivated and interested throughout.  This was also done to confuse her body, which is one proven way to generate results from the workouts.

The essence of her training was boxing, lunges and circuit routines. But the singer also loves to run on the treadmill or go hiking with her now-husband, Dana!


The young and talented Jordin sparks before and after photos are sure to make your heart skip a beat! The beauty Goddess scores full on the grounds of beauty and fitness, now.

With beautiful, curly long locks and enviable figure, Jordin can sure give sleepless nights to poor men!

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Get all the latest updates about your favorite singer, Jordin Sparks through her Instagram and Twitter account, and do not forget to praise her hard labor for such a stunning body!